The Crystal Mill is where you can go and capture its exquisite natural scenery

The Crystal Mill (Old Mill) is publicly known as the Sheep Mountain Mill, one of the most exquisite natural scenery, located above the Crystal River in Crystal, Colorado state, between the municipalities of Glen wood Springs and Aspen on Highway 82, seven miles southeast of Marble.

source: waddingtonphoto

The Crystal Mill is a wooden powerhouse constructed in 1892, put in to the National official list of Historic Places in 1985. Amazing is that Crystal never had nor does it have now, electricity. It is said that the mill harnessed the river adjacent to the mill to power the air compressor housed inside. Also, ahead of time engineers had created a dam across the river, which funneled water down the vertical penstock (the ladder-like structure) onto a horizontal wheel, which drove an axle in the penstock.

The Sheep Mountain Mill, also known as the most beautiful and picturesque place, where you can take pictures of exquisite natural scenery. However, tourists can visit the Crystal Mill only in the summer and fall months; it is accessed by a road that requires a four-wheel-drive vehicle, a sturdy pair of boots, a mountain bike or a horse. (h/t: Unusual Places)

credit: Jay Kantor

credit: Greg Hughes

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credit: Stuart Christie