15 of the most dangerous selfies that the world has ever seen

The selfie has become a part of our lives, whether that is a good or bad thing is another issue! We think that there are pros and cons to the selfie, although the world would probably be a better place without so many selfie pics sailing through the Internet. Selfies can make people feel worse about themselves, or insecure that their lives are not as beautiful and exciting as other people’s.

But the truth is that selfies can be seriously manipulated and edited to look downright awesome and gorgeous. You really can’t trust what you see on the Internet, and that includes the photos that your friends and family members upload to Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites. Even so, there are many selfies out there that are real, and some of them may make your jaw drop. Take a look at The 15 Most Dangerous Selfies The World Has Ever Seen and hope that no one tries to upstage these people because it could end up in disaster.

1. Hyena Mayhem

2. Literally Too Hot to Handle

3. Running With The Bulls

4. Look Out For Jaws

5. That’s Not a House Cat

6. A Long Way Down

7. Motocrossed Selfie

8. A Stormy End

9. This Selfie’s On Fire

10. Count Your Blessings

11. A Bear of a Problem

12. Down We Go

13. Flying High

14. British Daredevil

15. Look, Behind You!